1. His eyes look so cartoonish and majestic!

  2. Good morning 💕

  3. Oscar Wilde is wayy to cheeky!


  4. Anonymous said: just about the huffing and puffing post.. it isn't a "bad thing" that your cat does that, but when they start you have to stop playing with them. cats don't naturally pace themselves.. lol

    Okay! Thanks so much I will definitely keep that in mind if he does it again 😊


  5. Hi guys,
    I’m sorry I’ve been absent but I’ve been bombarded with uni work and my parents have moved out so I’ve been trying to organise my life haha but I promise I’ll try to update again more often!
    Oscar is doing great although his still a bit overweight- if anyone has some tips on helping him lose some weight that’d be awesome!

    I hope you all understand and things are well xx

  6. Oscar also sends the best snapchats 😂

  7. Kitty paws are the best

  8. I love his eyes.

  9. Sleepy kitty


  10. Anonymous said: Hi, I'm getting a ragdoll kitten next week or so, do you love your ragdoll!? What are they like and stuff?

    I adore my ragdoll! He’s beautiful and super friendly!
    Ragdoll kittens (well my one) loves to play but will mainly do it at night and sleep through the day- they’re great at giving cuddles and will love you a lot (I can tell haha)
    I definitely recommend- they don’t shed much, I’ve never seen him cough up a furball and he’s very clean in regards to litter tray and such…
    The only thing is, if they’re an indoor cat make sure they’re eating is controlled because they put on weight very easily!

    Get a ragdoll but make sure you love them whole heartedly 💖💖