2. Anonymous said: I love Oscar! He's so pretty and it's nice to know that you care for him so well :-)) a few days ago I picked up a ragdoll that ran away from its home and when I carried it - oh he was so well behaved I was very tempted to keep him for myself! But i found his home and he's with his rightful owners. I'm in love with the breed, really hope to get one someday!

    Oh thank you so much!
    That’s a lovely story, I wish I could do stuff like that but I think I’d just get way too attached! It’s really awesome you’re willing to sacrifice a bit (or sometimes a lot) of time and money to help animals xx
    Ragdoll are such a lovely breed, Oscar is everything to me and he really does behave so well and loves unconditionally 😻💕

  3. His eyes look so cartoonish and majestic!

  4. Oscar Wilde is wayy to cheeky!


  5. Anonymous said: just about the huffing and puffing post.. it isn't a "bad thing" that your cat does that, but when they start you have to stop playing with them. cats don't naturally pace themselves.. lol

    Okay! Thanks so much I will definitely keep that in mind if he does it again 😊

  6. Oscar also sends the best snapchats 😂

  7. Kitty paws are the best

  8. I love his eyes.

  9. Sleepy kitty


  10. onecatshort said: Your kitty looks like a RagDoll - am I right? If he's huffing/puffing after play, you should talk to your veterinarian about screening him for cardiomyopathy. Panting after play is common in dogs but VERY uncommon in cats. Cardiomyopathy is a genetic abnormality of the heart muscle and is more common in purebreds, but can be seen in any cat. I may just be a paranoid veterinarian and cat owner, but I thought you should have the information.

    Thank you so much for your concern, I’ve gotten lots of messages like this and I just want to make sure everyone knows that his a healthy kitty- minus him being a little overweight (which were trying to fix) he gets regular check ups and I did mention to the vet about him huffing after play time but nothing seems to be wrong.
    Oscar rarely huffs and puffs when he plays- I don’t actually think I’ve seen him do it since that time!
    I mean if you’d been running around for about an hour or two you’d be puffing too!
    Oscar’s health is my highest priority and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.
    I hope Oscar has a long life because I adore him and he’s literally the best thing to happen to me!

    Again, thank you for your concern it’s really sweet to know I have such lovely people following me!